Shapeshift Dance

Fundamentally Dance and Movement is fun and life affirming. 

Classes are run every Tuesday evening in the Garden Room of Quernmore Park Hall, 7-9pm. This is charged at £20.00 on the door and £15.00 when paid in advance. If you would like to book on to the class please contact Dawn directly Payment preferable via bank transfer to the details below. 



Sort code: 09-06-66

Account Number: 40922402

Shapeshift Dance invites you to get to know, enjoy and be at home with yourself. Embracing the natural wisdom of our bodies supports self-care and well-being.

When we shift our attention to our resources: body, breath, movement, connection to earth, self, others and the mystery, our relationship to the challenges we face and the trauma we may carry also shifts, in a way that can reduce feelings of overwhelm and loneliness. More than that, movement and dance connect us to our ‘joie de vivre’ sense of fun and self expression.

This is a practice that nourishes and integrates body, heart, mind and dancing spirit. Shapeshift Dance is an invitation to move with the life that is moving through you with courage, humour, gentleness and trust.

Dawn was born in the North near Lancaster and has spent time in the South of England and in America training in different movement modalities. She has a BSc in Psychology and is 5 Rhythms trained, by the founder, Gabrielle Roth, she has an MA in Somatic Education Dance and Well-being, she also completed a 4 year training with Ray Castellino to work with trauma and early imprints. Dawn has studied with many movement teachers including Suprapto Suryodamo, Susannah and Ya’Acov, of Movement Medicine, Helene Poyner and Sandra Reeve. Dawn also works with horses and co- offers ‘Horse Dancing’ Retreats with Dawn Oakley Smith and Anna Price.